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Ian Flynn
Mercenary Word-Slinger (a.k.a. freelance writer)

Twitter: IanFlynnBKC

First off, if you're not reading the FAQ below, you're getting a cranky look from me when you Note me or ask questions already answered/answered on my website.  It's been years, folks.  I can only do so much.

Secondly - whoops!  Haven't updated this in a while.  Then again, as the FAQ below points out (*cough*) I'm not using this account for much other than art-watching and keeping in contact with folks.

Third - the actual news!  I've begun a biweekly podcast - the BumbleKast!  My co-host and I talk about games, science-y news, movies, and whatever tickles our fancy.  And every show ends with a Q&A.  Also, I've finally begun releasing "Lost Hedgehog Tales."  These will be documenting ideas of what I had wanted to do in the Sonic comics before the reboot.  You can find both at


Are you REALLY Ian Flynn?  The comic guy?
Yes I am.  You can check out my website and my body of work at

Awesome!  I love your art in the comics!
That's flattering - but I don't do the art.  I'm the writer.  I compose the manuscripts the art team uses to produce the book.  I've done concept art, though.  Some you can find here on dA, some you can find in the graphic novel collections.  I'm a decent doodler, but I leave the REAL art to the skilled professionals.

I want your job!

How do I break into the business?
That's better.  When I was trying to break into the biz, there wasn't any guide.  In an effort to give back to the fan community a little bit, I've compiled a FAQ to help aspiring fans down the path to applying to Archie.  You can find it on

Read my fan-fic!  Look at my fan-art!  Use my fan-concept!
No, nope, nuh-uh.  This would open me up to allegations of intellectual theft.  There's a lot of really creative fans out there, and they produce a lot of cool stuff.  What if I accidentally re-used someone else's idea down the road?  Some folks would be flattered, others would be enraged I "stole" from them.  For my protection - and to protect the fandom - I limit any fan-material to fan-art of official characters.

I want to talk to you!
I wish I could keep in touch with everyone, but I really don't have the time.  Your best bet is to try to catch me on Twitter (@IanFlynnBKC) or on my forum.  Comments and notes through dA will eventually be read, but I don't know when, and I don't know if I'll reply.  I can only keep up so many avenues of correspondence, y'know?

So... why are you on dA then?
Mostly to keep up with old friends, some artists I like, and to share some concept art from time to rare time.

I love the comics!  I share them with my friends on dA!
The enthusiasm is appreciated, but you're breaking the law.  People have to buy the books to get the content.  That money becomes profit for Archie and ensures they keep producing the book and I keep my job.  Putting up scans for free loses Archie money.  And there's the whole illegal angle.  So if you've got full scans up, I'd appreciate you taking them down.  (Not like I can do anything about it, but still...)

I HATE you.
Sorry to hear that.  Say what you will, but keep it civil.  If you decide to be vulgar and/or profane, I'm hiding your comment.  It'll stay there - you'll know I'll have read it - but I won't force other people to endure your foul language.

You should negotiate with Ken Penders and get all the cut content back in the comics!
I emphatically point back to the point where I say I'm the writer.  A freelance writer.  I only have steady work with Archie because they really like what I do.  This is not a 9-to-5 position, this is an issue-by-issue gig.  And while I have a huge say in the direction of the books, I still have to abide by the decisions of the editor and licensors.  Creatively, I've got a lot of input.  Legally, I'm not even a blip on the radar.  There are three to four levels of management above me that handle those negotiations and legal matters.  There is nothing I can do about it.

I loved _________ in the old continuity.  Will he/she/it come back?
I've been asked not to confirm anything along those lines for reasons I can't get into.  It's not a question I enjoy dodging or having to ignore.  All I can ask is that you enjoy what's present in the book and not worry too much about what might or might not be.

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We'll miss you, Potto.
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I met Greg Weisman and He's a writer like you!
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Fan-comic, right?  Sure, go nuts.
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